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Now Hiring
Director of Music

Woodmont United Church of Christ in Milford, CT is a small, progressive congregation centered on loving God and loving others.  We are seeking a dynamic Director of Music who is enthusiastic about leading worship alongside our minister and our dedicated lay volunteers.


Our church is committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion, and to working on our journey to be anti-racist.  Both elements of our identity are reflected in our worship services, and we would expect our Director of Music to be similarly affirming. 

WUCC values new ideas, diversity, passion, and creativity.  Nowhere is this more true than within our worship services—we are very open to new ideas, and would expect a Director of Music to make the musical offerings their own.  The Director of Music is responsible for the development and promotion of the music program of the church, and reports to the pastor. 

We envision this position as 10 hours per week. 

Below is a list of expectations for this position:

  • Provide music at weekly Sunday and special holiday services (including but not limited to: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, the Longest Night and Christmas Eve) in collaboration with the pastor regarding general themes and hymns.  Piano and/or organ very strongly preferred.

  • Encourage musical participation from the community and among our congregation by:

    • Providing primary vocals during worship, with congregational accompaniment

    • Inviting and encouraging musicians to join in our worship and journey of faith

    • Starting, maintaining, and rehearsing with a choir, inclusive of church members, to participate in worship periodically

    • Working with and rehearsing with our current worshiping musicians—a soloist and a percussionist—to participate in worship periodically

  • Oversee all the musical programs, both internal and from outside the church, by taking initiative to arrange diversity such as singing groups, soloists, and others who may provide a variety of music.

  • Encourage a diversity of musical genres (jazz, Gospel, etc.), and welcome both traditional Christian hymnody and more contemporary contributions.

  • Plan and coordinate guest coverage when not present for Sunday worship.

  • General oversight of the care of instruments, such as piano and organ tuning.

  • Manage the music funds under guidance of the church leadership, and submit a budget annually.

  • Ensure compliance with copyright and streaming permissions.

  • Work with the Tech Team as needed regarding the sound and live-streaming.

  • Pre-record music for some worship services.

  • Play at weddings and funerals as necessary, if available (for additional compensation)


Evaluations will be conducted annually by the pastor and the Pastor/Personnel Relations (PPR) Committee.

Compensation: $12,000/year

Benefits: 6 Sundays off per year, to be arranged in advance with the minister

Please send resumé and any additional questions to:

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