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Bruce A. Barrett

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Under the direction of Bruce A. Barrett, our volunteer church band provides joyfully honest reflections of faith with traditional hymns, original Christian music, and lyrics with a spattering of contemporary Christian standards. Varying in style from pop rock, easy listening, blues and swing, the Worshiping Musicians strive for authentic expressions of faith. Bruce grew up singing in church choirs and studied music under Mari Martino, Frank Mulheron, Fred Chatfield, Bill Brown, Mim Schanglapore, Gino Heiter, Jay Rowe, and Jack Terrel. His Christian songwriting influences are Keith Green and Larry Norman. Bruce’s songs are currently streaming on iTunes and Spotify. His website is

Our current band members include:  Carol Topitzer, vocals; Wayne Kenyon, drums; Esdras Lubin, bass guitar; Ken Wingood, African drums; and Bruce A. Barrett, piano and vocals.

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