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An Update from Our Regathering Team
August 22, 2022

Dear WUCC family,
This week, the Regathering Team had a deep and meaningful conversation about the current trends of the COVID pandemic, and how current metrics impact our church life together.  
As you may remember, the Team made the decision this past spring to follow the rate of new cases in the region, with the expectation that our policies would vary, based upon those numbers.  With this in mind, the Team has made the following determinations:
Starting Sunday, August 28th, masks will be optional for all worship participants, with the exception of when singing.  During singing of all kinds (hymns, sung responses, anthems, rehearsals, etc.), masks will continue to be required for everyone. 
In the meantime, some windows will be opened, and the air purifiers will run.  We also ask that you make every effort to maintain a healthy distance from other parties while in the pews.
2. We further request that you please stay home if you are unwell.  This is especially true if you have a fever. If you have mild symptoms, but you do not believe it to be COVID, we ask that you wear a mask until your symptoms improve. (Parents and caretakers: mask-wearing will also be optional during church school.  But, with seasonal sniffles being what they are, we appreciate your cooperation with this if your child is unwell.  We do not want our church school teachers to be placed in an uncomfortable position of monitoring mask-wearing.)
3. For committee meetings: masks will be optional, but we ask committees to be thoughtful about distancing, opening doors and windows, and meeting outside if possible.
4. With regards to food: every effort will be made to continue to eat outdoors.  In the event of inclement weather, food will be moved indoors, but only as a last resort.  Individually wrapped items will no longer be required.
We will continue to monitor numbers, so please keep in mind that any of the above can change as the number of cases increases.  We will keep you posted.  
As your pastor, I also wish to add a gentle reminder: these decisions are made with the greatest of care.  Many in our church family are more than ready to do away with their masks.  Others are not (especially when singing).  We are a family not because we always agree-- what family does that?!-- but because we love one another, and work hard to accompany each other.  
As always, please don't hesitate to reach out if we can help accompany you on this journey.  I wish you many blessings in this season!  
Rev. Jill, on behalf of the Regathering Team

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