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A Message Regarding COVID Protocols
August 29, 2023

Dear church family and community,

The Re-gathering Team at Woodmont UCC met recently to discuss COVID-19 protocols, given that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now places New Haven County in the “low” category in its rate of transmission.


At this time, Woodmont UCC COVID-19 protocols are as follows:

  1. During worship and at other events inside the building, masking is optional.

  2. Groups should be cognizant of social distancing, which remains an effective way of preventing transmission as well.

  3. Committee meetings should seriously consider meeting virtually if possible. If in person, we’d ask each committee chair to gauge the comfort level of the group, and please be prepared to kindly respond to those who are choosing caution, and opt to wear masks.

  4. When eating or drinking, we ask that folks consider spreading out as much as possible.

  5. If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid, RSV, or the flu, please stay home and take care.

  6. We ask outside groups using our space to adhere to the same guidelines as above.

We will continue to adjust our protocols as needed.


Thank you for your attention to these matters, and to your efforts involved in keeping everyone safe and healthy!

With grace,

The Re-gathering Team

P.S. To assist you and your family to establish preventive measures, so that you are ready to take action if you have COVID-19, the CDC provides a helpful guide for building a personal COVID-19 plan.  Please click here for more information.

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