Indoor Worship

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We are once again holding indoor services.
Below is a list of all the safety protocols we have in place.

For the Safety and Health of Our Church Family

​1. When the town of Milford finds itself in the "red" (ie, per the Average Daily Rate of Cases for the town, as determined by the State of Connecticut on masks will become required in our worship services.
2. Once Milford moves again into a less severe zone of community spread (orange, yellow, or gray), we will wait two weeks to ensure this is not a temporary shift.  If Milford stays out of the "red" for two weeks, the services will become mask-optional once again.  We will monitor these things and update our church family accordingly.
3. The Regathering Team is highly recommending that committee meetings that meet in person do so outside.
4. If you should meet in a small group inside the church, masks remain optional, provided all individuals present are comfortable with this.  However, we would like to recommend that an anonymous polling take place, to ensure that all are comfortable with the removal of masks.  (This should be done anonymously so as not to put someone on the spot to have to name their discomfort.)  If anyone names-- by anonymous vote-- that they are uncomfortable, all should stay masked.
These decisions are made with the greatest of care.  Many in our church family are more than ready to do away with their masks.  Others are not.  We are a family not because we always agree-- what family does that?!-- but because we love one another, and work hard to accompany each other.  As such, we have, and typically will, lean towards inclusion and towards the most vulnerable in our midst.  

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